Catlanza, Puerto Calero

One of the best ideas for a perfect day out is to have an excursion, out to sea, on a sailing boat. That way you can see the island from a very different and interesting perspective and enjoy swimming, sunbathing and a lot of sporting activities. Catlanza makes that dream come true with their exclusive catamaran excursions.

The catamaran experience starts with transport from your hotel, which makes it very easy for everybody to join in. Once you set foot on this impressive craft, some photos will be taken that you can purchase after your trip. Then follows the technical instruction: in order to get the craft out of the harbour, everybody has to stay in their seats for the first ten minutes of the tour, after that the whole boat is free to roam. So while the crew steers the boat out of the harbour, the passengers stay in the bar area and get information about the programme of the day.

Once the information is given, the passengers start to look for the best places to relax, the net area between the two parts of the catamaran is especially popular. The crew meanwhile starts to set the sails and everyone is invited to join in and help. With the strong winds the boat begins to speed up quickly and the area on the net converts into a sun bed, with strong waves giving you a natural sea shower.

It is quite interesting to see the island from the sea, the touristy areas as well as the natural park Los Ajaches with beautiful and new vistas. After about an hour of sailing, the catamaran reaches the Papagayo beaches in the south, where it stops for a rest. If you like you can get snorkelling equipment from the crew and dive from the boat into the crystal clear water, where a multitude of fish abounds. Back on board you get the opportunity to speed over the waves on a Jet Ski.

While the passengers are having fun, the cook starts preparing lunch. Once you have had enough of the water and Jet Skiing, you can have your meal in the bar area of the boat. Of course you get free drinks during the whole trip. After 90 minutes near the beach, the catamaran starts sailing again. The passengers have time to enjoy the magnificent views, get a chance to steer the boat, or just relax in the sun to savour the excitement of the day.

Once back in Puerto Calero you have time to have a look at the harbour and the shops before the bus takes you back to your hotel. In the Irish Pub opposite the landing pier you will find photos for sale from the start of the trip.

The Catlanza excursions are available once or twice a day, depending on the season and bookings, and are a way to spend a perfect day with all the best the island has to offer, beaches, sun and a lot of fun.